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Yet another scam going around where you get an email saying “reminder for your appointment at BMI on “day, date and time”. Refer to documents for full details. You may incur a charge if you do not advise BMI that you cannot attend. To reschedule or opt-out of reminders please call 01256 377 720” 
Please do not reply or call the number or open any documents 
Please warn other members of your community especially if they use emails. 
Other crime in area 
1. Theft of tools out of vans is on the increase; mostly happening in Newport Pagnell and Olney but has spilled over in some of my villages! Please make sure you mark your tools and if you have someone come work on your site, please ensure they have locked their vans! The crooks are quick and clever but we need to be smarter  
2. Theft of plant equipment is on the increase again; mostly diggers. 
3. Hare Coursing was reported in Clifton Reynes recently and is on the increase with other forces. We had one report of hare coursing in Moulsoe last night and I believe other incidents have occurred but they haven’t been logged as yet. We need you to report these so we can build a picture of when and where it is happening. 
4. Our Olney ward community forum is on Thursday 19th March at 7,30 pm at Chicheley village hall. This is ideal for residents to come and talk to the police and parish clerks under one umbrella and tell us what issues you have going on in your village. 
PCSO C1018 Arlene Ormston 
Milton Keynes Rural North Neighbourhood Team 
A resident from Olney has posted on Facebook yesterday that he had received a phone call which said a payment is being made to a "Mr Carlos in South Africa" and to press 1 to cancel the payment or hang up if I want it to go through. Just ignore it and hung up but some people will panic and press 1 which is what they want you to do. PLEASE DON'T PRESS 1. JUST HANG UP! 
Please can you help spread the word especially if you know any elderly residents that are vulnerable and may get caught by this scam. 
Many thanks 
Arlene Ormston 
You are invited to the Olney Ward Community Forum where your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be available to discuss any local concerns or issues that you wish to raise as well as talk about crime in the local area. 
It will be on Wednesday 21st August at 7.30pm at The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney, MK46 4ET. 
We'd be delighted to see you there. 
Today marks the start of Neighbourhood Watch Week 2019 where we’ll be celebrating the amazing work our volunteers do in their communities. We’ll be looking at areas where you expect Neighbourhood Watch to operate in and around (burglary) as well as some more unexpected ones (knife violence and social isolation). 
Our message this year is that when it comes to Neighbourhood Watch, there is #MoreThanYouExpect. 
To kick start the week we have today launched Neighbourhood Watch Inspiration, a collection of the most innovative work being undertaken by our volunteers across England and Wales. 
So over the last couple of days there have been a couple of thefts from the village. 
An annoying petty crime with the theft of a water butt from the cemetary and a more significant loss of a digger from the stoneyard housing development on Bedford Road. 
If anyone has any information about either of these incidents please report them directly to the police or via 
Please be vigilant around the village and look out for your neighbours....let's keep Lavendon safe. 
In response to the exceptional operational demands on the police, particularly in areas such as Thames Valley, the Government has encouraged all PCCs to raise the policing element of the council tax by £24 a year in 2019/20 or £2 a month for a Band D property. (The increase in other property bands are detailed within the survey) 
The PCC supports the increase in council tax by £24 for a Band D property. The draft budget for 2019/20 includes additional funding to increase local frontline policing, recruit more investigators and improve contact management with the aim to reduce call waiting times on 101 calls. Further information about the budget can be found here. 
The PCC is holding a public consultation exercise over the Christmas period to gather local council taxpayer views on the proposed increase in the police portion of the council tax. 
The survey is open until Wednesday 9th January at 5pm 
With the harvest now well underway due to the hot weather, please be on the lookout for hare coursers out & about. We are looking for 4x4s / estate vehicles in cut fields & people with lurchers type dogs with slip leads. For more info see below: 
Hare coursing 
What is hare coursing?  
Hare coursing is a blood sport where dogs are used to chase, catch and kill hares. 
It is illegal in the UK under the Hunting Act 2004, which makes it an offence to hunt wild mammals with dogs. Anyone convicted of the offence can receive a fine of up to £5,000 by a Magistrates’ Court. 
Legislation also gives police the powers to seize and detain vehicles until the court hearing. Powers to seize vehicles may also be granted under section 30 of the Game Act 1831. 
Hare coursing tends to start after harvest when large areas of land have been cleared of standing crops. It usually occurs at dawn or dusk. 
Milton Keynes rural landscape makes it a popular area for hare coursing. It often attracts coursers from outside of the county. 
What to look out for 
If you see a suspicious vehicle / persons looking like they are scouting out your village, it is important to call 101 in the first instance and ask for Thames Valley Police and give them the registration plate if possible and description of people. 
The reason for this is:- 
a. The vehicle may be known to the police for previous crime activity 
b. The registration gets logged on our systems and the control room do a registered owner check on the vehicle so if it is spotted again, we have the details on our system 
c. If there has been a theft or burglary in the village, then at least we have a suspicious vehicle registration number that we can follow up on when investigating. 
d. Don’t forget when they are driving around, they are normally only scouting, looking to see who is home or not and they wouldn’t hesitate to come back a few days later, if not that night. 
As discussed at the recent annual meeting to the parish we are looking for volunteers to operate the speedwatch equipment in the local area. We will be having a demonstration on the eqiupment this Friday, 8th June at 9.00am and can operate during the day plus over the weekend. The plan is to use the equipment periodically as it will be shared with neighbouring parishes. 
If you would like to get involved just come along to the Olney Road bus stop on Friday at 9am for the demo and if you can spare the time on either Friday, Saturday or Sunday we would welcome volunteers to operate Speedwatch and make our roads safer. Simply Email if you are interested. 
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