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Posts from October 2018

Not much of an update but this is what we have. 
Basically, it’s a very complicated situation based around the gas pipes and the culvert, involving MK Council, Cadent and Inland Drainage Board. 
Deep excavation will be required around the damaged culvert to survey the area for a modern replacement, this will span the width of the road. There is also an inspection chamber that needs to be moved. The rebuild will future proof any flooding issues in the area. 
The site is deemed unsafe and will not support a temporary fix which is something the parish council asked to be looked into. 
We are in constant contact with MK Highways on this issue and this will not be a quick fix but as soon as we have a definitive timeline we will publish it. 
We now have an official response from Milton Keynes council as follows... 
Dear Councillor 
So that you are fully aware of the situation, there has concern regarding the condition of a large culvert access Chamber that has been damaged by Cadent whilst they were looking for a gas leak. The chamber is directly beneath the highway and forms part of the flood relief scheme originally installed by Anglian Water in the early 1900’s and added to in 1970’s. 
Cadent’s gas pipe goes through the walls of the chamber and in an attempt to find a gas leak Cadent have seriously damaged the overlying concrete slab which supports the road. Whilst the culvert and chamber does not belong to Milton Keynes Council (MKC) we clearly have a duty to keep the structure in a suitable condition to withstand the expected load capacity for this type of road. 
We are therefore in the process of taking over from Cadent the reconstruction of the concrete slab and chamber to ensure that it is built to suitable standards. In the first instance we have requested that Cadent remove the gas pipe from the chamber so that it is safe for us to work on. Health and Safety regulations (and common sense) prevent us from working in or around the gas pipe. 
We hope to be able to gain access to the area soon so that a thorough inspection and redesign of the damaged area can take place. 
Unfortunately this may mean that the road could be closed for the duration of the works or when possible with traffic lights so that a flow of traffic can be maintained. However, until we are able to gain access to the chamber it is very hard for us to guess what work is required. We will keep you informed of any developments. 
We will recharge all MKC costs to Cadent for this work, we have already met on site with Cadent’s insurance assessors. 
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