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Milton Keynes Council are receiving information regarding extortionate pricing of goods which are in high demand, such as hand sanitizer, toilet roll, milk and pasta etc. For example a small bottle of hand sanitizer for £15.99 
At the current time there is no legislation which allows them to deal with this practice (also called profiteering), however they have been asked to gather information about which retailers are overcharging, which items they are selling and the price of the item. This intelligence will be fed upwards and may lead to further legal measures being imposed which will allow them to prevent this practice in the future. 
If you find a retailer who is overcharging for these or similar items please report the matter to Citizens Advice Consumer Helpline on 0808 223 1133 and Trading Standards at MKC will receive your report. 
Everyone is very well aware that the UK Government is asking everyone to stay at home to tackle the Covid-19 virus and help our NHS cope with the pandemic. 
It has also been recommended that we can go out once a day for exercise which could be a run, walk, walking the dog or whatever works for you. 
We do however need to be very aware when we are out when it comes to social distancing. What would have been natural, to stop and chat to fellow dog walkers or catch up with a friend is now advised against during this time. Crossing the road when you see someone you know is no longer deemed to be rude but the sensible thing to do. 
Lavendon playing field is still open but public play and exercise equipment in the village should not be used due to the virus being able to live on all surfaces for a period of time and the fact that when using such equipment it would be difficult to maintain social distancing. 
Government guidance on social distancing can be found in the link below. 
Stay safe 
We are sure that everyone is keeping up with current events with regards to Coronavirus but just in case here are three links to the relevant information which is kept up to date. These are from the UK Government, the NHS and the World Health Organisation. 
We are a small village and we need to be looking out for each other in these times, more than ever, even if it's just a phone call to make sure friends and neighbours are OK. 
I have just got off the phone with Richard Lake from the Lavendon Baptist Church who is reaching out and offering his support to the village in any way that he can and I know others are doing the same. 
The message is please do reach out if you need help or support. 
Steve Axtell 
Yet another scam going around where you get an email saying “reminder for your appointment at BMI on “day, date and time”. Refer to documents for full details. You may incur a charge if you do not advise BMI that you cannot attend. To reschedule or opt-out of reminders please call 01256 377 720” 
Please do not reply or call the number or open any documents 
Please warn other members of your community especially if they use emails. 
Other crime in area 
1. Theft of tools out of vans is on the increase; mostly happening in Newport Pagnell and Olney but has spilled over in some of my villages! Please make sure you mark your tools and if you have someone come work on your site, please ensure they have locked their vans! The crooks are quick and clever but we need to be smarter  
2. Theft of plant equipment is on the increase again; mostly diggers. 
3. Hare Coursing was reported in Clifton Reynes recently and is on the increase with other forces. We had one report of hare coursing in Moulsoe last night and I believe other incidents have occurred but they haven’t been logged as yet. We need you to report these so we can build a picture of when and where it is happening. 
4. Our Olney ward community forum is on Thursday 19th March at 7,30 pm at Chicheley village hall. This is ideal for residents to come and talk to the police and parish clerks under one umbrella and tell us what issues you have going on in your village. 
PCSO C1018 Arlene Ormston 
Milton Keynes Rural North Neighbourhood Team 
A resident from Olney has posted on Facebook yesterday that he had received a phone call which said a payment is being made to a "Mr Carlos in South Africa" and to press 1 to cancel the payment or hang up if I want it to go through. Just ignore it and hung up but some people will panic and press 1 which is what they want you to do. PLEASE DON'T PRESS 1. JUST HANG UP! 
Please can you help spread the word especially if you know any elderly residents that are vulnerable and may get caught by this scam. 
Many thanks 
Arlene Ormston 
Lavendon village entered the above competition again this year.  
Last year we entered the competition after several years of absence and scored 83 out of 100. The Parish Council took on board the constructive comments by the judges last year and addressed the areas in the village that needed improvement.  
This year we scored 92 out of 100 with three out of nine categories scoring maximum marks. 
This is an amazing achievement for the village so thank you to you all that make our village a clean and desirable place to live. We have been awarded a Certificate of Merit by the organisers of the competition. 
The winner in our category was Hedgerley with 98 and Chearsley and Cuddington tied on 97. This year was a high scoring year.  
Can we do better next year? The Parish Council are keen to try. 
You are invited to the Olney Ward Community Forum where your local Neighbourhood Policing Team will be available to discuss any local concerns or issues that you wish to raise as well as talk about crime in the local area. 
It will be on Wednesday 21st August at 7.30pm at The Olney Centre, High Street, Olney, MK46 4ET. 
We'd be delighted to see you there. 
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